‘It's Six Minutes to Five Somewhere’

Through objects we can extend our thoughts, knowledge and body.

Current technology like the smartphone creates an opportunity for us to extend ourselves across the globe in space and time. I can be present in different places at different times simultaneously, being disembodied. In that way, we, but also our traditions, language and digital representations of objects, are in a constant flux traveling to different places. Through contemporary technology like video calling and text messaging, traditions, language, and objects can exist in multiple places at the same time.

I can be present in Amsterdam and Curaçao at the same time by video calling my father at 18:00 in Amsterdam, while where he lives it’s 12:00 in the afternoon. I find comfort in connecting with family and seeing ‘my other home’ on a different continent. Sky, water, and trees present on different continents connecting us across the globe. The building blocks of life are viewable either through the help of the internet or out of my own window.

My priority is to bring the individual experience into a broader communal context and show the connections between mutual objects, experiences, place, and time, with the notion of care and comfort being a fundamental aspect of being.

The work presented consists in various forms. The first is a video correspondence between my father and me, combined with a reading of my own text. The second is a series of works on paper produced by drawing with pastels onto large format archival photographs. These photographs were taken during an airplane journey to Curaçao, on the island itself and in my current residence in the Netherlands. Finally, I present a Google Docs correspondence with writer/curator, Delany Boutkan, on social artefacts, digital intimacy and collectivity, 'disembodied' forms of togetherness online, and the notion of touching someone without touching in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath.


Part 1 -A Video Correspondence With My Father

Headphones recommended.

A video correspondence between myself and my father Clenson Franca living in the Caribbean. The videos were both taken with a smartphone on a Thursday afternoon; one in the Netherlands and the other in Curaçao.



Part 2

C-Type 30 x 40 cm

Oil pastels on giclée (1) — 148 x 112.5 cm

Oil pastels on giclée (2) — 148 x 112.5 cm

Oil pastels on giclée (3) — 148 x 112.5 cm


Royal College of Art class of 2020, 2022. Photograph by KitMapper.

RCA Graduation Show at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, 2020. Photograph by Teresa Arêde.

London Grads Now at Saatchi Gallery, London , 2020. Photograph by Constanza Valderrama.

Part 3 - A Google Docs correspondence with Delany Boutkan

As part of my graduation project for the MA Print at the Royal College of Art in London (UK), I started a Google docs correspondence between myself and Design Curator/Writer Delany Boutkan. With a common interest in circulating digital cultures myself and Delany decided to start a conversation on social artefacts, digital intimacy and collectivity, 'disembodied' forms of togetherness online and touching someone without touching in times of the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath.


Word count 4062 / 5’46”


In Collaboration with:

Delany Boutkan: Design Curator and Writer

©2022 by Mandy Franca